Welcome to my blog! The aptly named blog, ‘When Reality Fades’, is a blog that mostly hosts my ramblings and original stories. Why that name, you ask? Well, there are two reasons: 1). It sounds good, 2). Reality tends to fade away when you’re immersed in reading a prose, or enjoying works of fiction in general, and this blog hosts fiction.

As mentioned several times before, the ‘stories’ hosted here is not the ultra-serious kind. Rather, they’re mostly catered for people who has a degree of familiarity to Eastern media (namely, Anime and Manga). The writing style of the stories posted here resembles those of a Light Novel’s. That said, the prose will not be too heavy on elaborate and advanced words (the kind you’ll find in typical medieval fantasy books), but puts an emphasis in dialogue instead of description or monologue.

Familiarity with Eastern media is not mandatory to enjoy the stories posted here. However, expect some elements of the story to strike you as weird, surreal, or just outlandish. As this blog is written by someone who has never lived in anywhere near America (let alone Europe), the ‘cultural value’, as I like to put it, may differ greatly. I apologize in advance if any elements of this blog, or the stories posted within, offend you in a manner that I may not know.

One last point: My English is nowhere near perfection, as it is technically the third language I learned in life (right after Chinese, which had been forced upon me by the school curriculum), I have no qualms about my vocabulary, but my grammar can be a bit off at times, and again, I apologize should a mistake I made bothers you.

Not much is left to be said, so what are you reading this for? Go and read the better parts of this site, will you?


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